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Our Spanish Language Immersion Program is defined as a method of foreign language instruction in which the regular school curriculum is taught through the medium of the language.

Spanish is the vehicle for content instruction at The Crayon Box. The children’s ability to accept and understand Spanish comes as they progress through our program month after month.

Initially the children are exposed to spontaneous language, words and phrases that are repetitious throughout the day. Songs, books, manipulatives and words in print all incorporate the bilingual immersion approach. 

As the children become progressively more familiar and comfortable hearing, understanding and responding in Spanish it becomes a natural part of their thought process.

Music, dance, yoga, and Zumba classes are offered, allowing the children opportunities to express themselves through the arts. Our specialists offer their expertise and enthusiasm for their talent as they share their gifts with our children.

Classrooms are organized by age. There are currently four classrooms:
Yellow Crayons/Crayones Amarillos: 2 year old classroom
Green Crayons/Crayones Verdes: 2.9 to 3 year old classroom
Purple Crayons/Crayones Morados: 3.5 to 4.5 year old classroom
Red Crayons/Crayones Rojos: 4-5 year old classroom

For the 2020-2021 school year, the teachers for each classroom are as follows:
Yellow Crayons/Crayones Amarillos: Maestra Tatiana and Maestra Isella
Green Crayons/Crayones Verdes: Maestra Rosie and Maestra Elizabeth
Purple Crayons/Crayones Morados: Maestra Karla and Maestra Yolanda
Red Crayons/Crayones Rojos: Maestra Josselyn and Maestra Ana

Additional Staff: Maestra Lillian.