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The Crayon Box was founded in 2003 by Adriana Razo, an early childhood educator who envisioned a school where all children were exposed to the Spanish language. For some it means the continuity of a language spoken at home, and for others it means the exposure and daily use of a new language, during a crucial time of development when children are open to new experiences and practice the language without fear.

In December of 2016, the Crayon Box moved into its present facility in San Francisco. This location includes four spacious classrooms, art studio, dance/music studio, science and dramatic play rooms, administrative office, and a large fenced playground with play structure.

Adriana's goal continues to be to offer a diverse community that encourages children to appreciate and learn about other cultures as well as their own, providing a school setting where children are excited about learning and look forward to a lifelong joy of learning.